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Residential Carpet Cleaning & Deodorizer in Halifax

Keep Your Floors Cleaner Longer with Residential Carpet Cleaning in Halifax

Do you ever feel like your carpet gets dirty as soon as the carpet cleaners leave? While thorough cleanings remove dirt and stains, everyday happenings can bring them storming back. When you need long-lasting residential carpet cleaning in Halifax, call Options Plus Carpet & Upholstery Care.

Our team provides your carpet with detailed and professional cleaning designed to prolong the time between cleanings. Our process removes stains, chemicals, residue, and deep-seated dirt from your carpet. Trust our professional cleaners to take the time and the care required to deliver satisfactory residential carpet cleaning in Halifax.

Preliminary Inspection and Cleaning

When you call our cleaners, you first get a thorough inspection to determine what your carpets need to stay clean. We look for problem areas, such as high traffic hallways and stairs, which require special attention. We then give you the Option Plus Two-Step cleaning system:

Step One: Heated Cleaning Solution

Our heated cleaning solution seeps down deep into the carpet. The combination of heat and chemicals loosen embedded dirt and stains

Step Two: Extracting pH-Rinse

Once we break up dirt and stains, we then remove them from your carpet and protect it against future problems. Our high-powered extraction method sucks up dirt and excess solution. The pH-balancing rinse negates the effects of residual chemicals that later attract dirt.


In addition to our regular cleaning, we recommend adding a carpet protector and deodorizer. The protector will make your everyday cleaning easier for you. The deodorizer will keep your carpets smelling fresh.

Post-Cleaning Inspection

Once we finish cleaning, we will examine your home to ensure it received a satisfactory cleaning. Our insured cleaners will keep working until the job meets your needs.

Make sure your carpets stay fresh for longer. Call 902-4062-4480 to schedule a cleaning today.




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